Thank you for considering us to capture your special moments. Choosing the right person for the job is a very important decision. Below is a few FAQ that might help you make your decision. Should you have any other questions please feel free to contact us. 



What should be keep in mind when looking for a 'documenting team'?


Not one couple is the same, therefor we do not treat every wedding day the same. We LOVE capturing the unique feel of each wedding, each couple and each love story. We have a very light-hearted, spontaneous and interactive approach to make sure we capture pure emotion, real smiles and once in a lifetime seconds.

Beside the memories of the day and your new partner for life, the only thing you would have left after the day will be your photos and videos. When choosing a photographer/videographer you must choose someone who captures your taste of photos/videos and most importantly connects and understand your needs. A photographer/videographer can make or break a wedding so be sure you choose someone you can trust.


We like your work, what is your rates and how do we book you?


If you are starting your journey local here in beautiful SA, be it in the scenic Cape to the trendiest cafe in Jhb, we would love to be part of your journey. 

We have a selection of photography, videography and combo packages available as well as some added extras to cater to your hearts desire. 

Our 2019 packages starts at R14 000.00

Every chapter of every story deserves to be captured and documented. Anniversary, couple sessions, family, maternity, new born... We would love to be part of your journey.

Lifestyle session is only booked on weekdays as weekends is strictly kept out for weddings.

Our lifestyle sessions starts at R2500.00

 We get more than one inquiry for each date. That means we book on a first come first serve bases.. After you have sent an email or contact form inquiry we will get back to you within 48 hours with a detailed price list. Should you approve our prices and we are available on your requested date we will send you a detailed invoice. After paying the booking fee by the due date, the date is yours.   



I really would love a wedding video but my budget is so small, what can I do?



Tydloos films gives the more budget conscious bride an opportunity to have the option of high quality wedding films captured by a One Fine Day Production approved and trained videography team.

We have a selection of budget videography packages available as well as some added extras to cater to your hearts desire. 

Our 2020 packages starts at R9 800.00



What should we epect? How do we know when what should happen on our day?


Before the wedding day we will assist to create the perfect time line for your day making sure we capture every perfect detail at the perfect time of day.

Depending on the wedding package you selected, we will be a team of 2 to 5 people to ensure all angles of your day is covered.

Our aim, should it be a wedding or a lifestyle shoot, is to capture your unique story and showcase your special moments. We aim to capture natural moments – smiles, joy, tears, laughter and stray away from a posed style. We will guide you through the day creating photos and video’s that represent you for you.


 Do you offer albums and other extras?


Yes, we most certainly do. The wedding album is a beautiful way to showcase your photos. We design every page with added care and attention to detail – telling your story from the first chapter to the last.

Send a request email for a detailed price list.



 We are so excited. When can we get our photos / video?


A take lot of care and attention is put into each and every photo and video. Delivery will be made within 10 weeks of the wedding date; and 3 weeks for lifestyle clients. We will send you a sneak peak with a few photos or sometimes even feature on our Facebook page or blog.

Unfortunately it is our policy to never give the RAW unedited files out.


 Do you travel and what is the costs?


We are based in Pretoria. The first 100km from Pretoria is included in all packages. Anything above 100km will be charged R5.50 per km
(excluding toll fees). If your location’s travel time is more than 150km from Pretoria, a one night’s accommodation for 2 will be added to the price or for 4 / 5 with a combo package (depending on final package selection). If we are looking at 300km travel from Pretoria, a two night’s accommodation will be added to the price.

Why 2 nights accommodation?

We prefer 2 nights accommodation to avoid any unforeseen circumstances. We do not want to drive the morning of the wedding and something happens. It also gives us time before the wedding day to scout the venue. Because we appreciate that you are considering our welfare your package gets upgraded with an extra 1 hour coverage for a 2 nights stay.
Should your location be in and around Cape Town; Durban or Port Elizabeth we require two flights, a rental car and two nights’ accommodation.


What should I wear and should I get make-up an hair done professionally?


The best thing you can bring to a photoshoot is yourself. The most beautiful images are the ones that reflect you as a person, your real expressions, your emotions, your personality, your joy.  So, keep in mind the tips below, but above all remember to be yourself and have FUN.

Outfit, hair and make-up

There are no rules when it comes to what to wear to your photo session. Wear whatever you feel comfortable and pretty in. Remember – these photos are about you, not your shoes. Here is a few guidelines to help you pick an outfit that will be flattering, show your personality and bring the attentions where it is meant to be: on your happy smiling face.

·         Coordinate         -              Coordinating your outfits helps represent you as a couple/group.

This does not mean everyone should match. Instead, think about the style of clothes, and coordinate that. If you are going a bit more dressy, make sure everyone is just as dressy. If you want a more casual look, let everyone wear something casual and comfortable.

·         Colours                 -              Choose colours that complement each other. Pick similar tones.

·         Hair/ Make-up   -               Yes, you will not regret the end result as these images will be treasured for many years to come and you want to look  your best in the photos. We can recommend an artist for you.


Gather your props to bring along – whatever is special to you and would like to showecase. However, the only props we really need is you so don't feel you have to.

Best time to do the shoot

We prefer to work in the late hours of the afternoon as this creates a beautiful, soft sunset feel in the photographs.

Calm down and enjoy

Being relaxed and comfortable makes for great photos.  So take a mental note to yourself and plan to relax before the session. Enjoying the moment and sinking into the excitement will make you look and feel great. 


I have never done this before, do you have any tips?


The best tip we can give you is to enjoy your moment. We want to capture you for the person you are and tell your story with truth. The more natural you are, the better your story will be told.  Be goofy / be the hopeless romantic / be modest – be YOU.

A few technical tips to take into consideration:

We prefer to shoot in natural light, therefor always consider natural light. When choosing a venue and the place where you will be getting ready – think natural light.  The bigger the window, the better the outcome. This is just as important for the reception area. Think fairy lights, candles, lanterns, wall lights, dancing lights… not only does this create an amazing atmosphere but makes for great photos and video as well.

Furthermore, just enjoy your special moment. 


Have more questions?